Free PowerPoint Templates - Different Design Options

Free PowerPoint Templates - Different Design Options

One of the most effective ways to hit home the message that you may be trying to convey, be it for work, school, or political reasons, is to utilize the power of graphics within your presentation. Many people are visual learners that will not be able to grasp the full presentation with words alone, which is why PowerPoint has become such an industry standard in boardrooms across the globe. Even if you have never had any instruction in PowerPoint, you can still present a professional looking product with the use of free PowerPoint templates that are available online. These come in a variety of designs, so it's best to narrow down what the various options are.

Some of these free PowerPoint templates are clearly geared more for academic presentations, and can have borders and graphics that are perfect for a scientific or historical topic. These might have the faces of historical figures, for example, or simply different country flags. There seem to be an endless array of different border types and graphics that are included. Most websites offering PowerPoint templates will include a categorized list of their template themes that make the whole search far easier to navigate.

For a corporate presentation, it's best to shy away from any cutesy or overly graphic templates that would be perfect for students but maybe not for executives. In a business setting, it's better to choose free PowerPoint templates that focus more on clean lines, and solid ways to graphically present your information. Business meetings tend to focus more on sales statistics or marketing values that help strengthen your company's position, and the template that you use should be geared towards this. Many have built in charts or graphs that simply allow you to plug in your numbers that are specific to what it is you are selling.

Color schemes are another thing to think about when looking into your choice of free PowerPoint templates. While there are templates of every color of the rainbow, generally speaking you will want to choose a design that sticks to no more than 3 colors, unless you want to have a more splashy presentation. Again, the best design will depend on the type of presentation you are giving. Most online sites that offer these templates do break them down into the categories of what situation they are most recommended for, which can be extremely helpful in making a final choice.

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