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• Our templates is designed in such a way that customers can easily and fast insert text and pictures and make impressive presentation in several minutes.

Each professionally pre designed template carefully considered and implemented with simplicity, clarity, communicability and perspicuity.

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All New free Animated Infographics.

With Timeline Infographic you can easily summarise visualisate your information over time in several minutes. Infographic design really well help in attracting viewers.

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Using visuals comparison infographics will help you highlight benefits of a product you’re selling and help establish authority for your business and build trust with your audience.

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With Continents map you can easily visualisate your data on map. That will bring your data to life. Map have Continents: Asia, Africa, North America, South America, Antarctica, Europe, Australia.

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Demographic Infographics are highly effective pieces of content that turn raw data and statistics into easy-to-understand, visually appealing charts.

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With Infographic you can easily summarise, visualise your information in several minutes. Infographic design really well help in attracting viewers.

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Display your information in engaging list and charts to help communicate your point at more effectively way.

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Find the professional infographic template that’s right for you.

All New free Powerpoint templates and Google Slides themes.

Modern Abstract Canvas with gorgeous colored circles that are professionally designed for visualizing data and creating better content.

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Ready-to-use template that will help you visualisation drawing hand on green board with chalk.

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Some truly stunning Google slides and Powerpoint template with shining bright circles on blue background.

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This amazing accounting template with female hand and pen is the key to making your presentation look polished and professional.

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Abstract PowerPoint template and Google Slide with Digital Circuit Network on blue background, will help you present some future technology Concept.

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Golden Autumn PowerPoint template will helping you create more engaging presentation about seasonal changes in nature.

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Find the powerpoint templates and google slides themes that’s right for you.

All free powerpoint templates, google slides and Animated Infographics are available for immediate download.

We had explore the way of influence presentation design on audience. Effectively good design of presentation depends on order, variety, contrast, symmetry, tension, balance, scale, color and many more. We select and fit this material together to make design presentation template interesting and most importantly rememberable for audience.

Also we have templates designs for printing (brochures, business cards, flyers, letterheads and many others templates).

For nearly of 10 years many of the most trusted and respected brands depend on smiletemplates creative impressive presentations and infographics.

Also we make high quality editable forms of infographics charts which includes integrated editable color schemes ready to use. With Infographics charts you can easily visualise your information and make it understandable to your audience.

So you get incredible quality powerpoint templates and google slides. You will get super designs. You get superb infographics diagrams and charts. You get great maps. You get best print templates.

We offer free easily editable powerpoint templates and google slides for the most popular topics.

We set free high quality templates in one place for our customer to create an impressive presentation.

We design great slides of editable country maps. Original combination of maps with chart for analysis, statistics, business data and other information.

We help our clients succeed with inspiring experiences and unique visual content by harnessing the power of the image.